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Yalla Festival

A 5 day long event filled with music, art, performance, ceremony and celebration, hosted deep in the wild jungle of the magnificent Island of Sri Lanka.  Yalla, à call to the Divine to bring together a family of Souls to express thru music, art and creativity a celebration of Life, in the knowing that we are all one.


This is the time to share our understanding with the whole World so that Harmony May ripple thru our beautiful Earth.  We have been given the privilege to enjoy a very special sacred space and we will have to opportunity to add our blessings and respect to keep it that way.  This is a call to invite Souls from all walks of Life to gather in spirit to celebrate, Peace and Respec.  Let us heal our self, share our understanding and ripple thru the whole world this magical healing vibes.


Yalla, A Call for Unconditional Love


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