Journey with DistrictLevi


An Energizing Journey... Taking off... On the Connection... Awakening the Beautiful Power within… through Power Music... Memories... Ascending Beats per minute & Numerological synthesis for Perfect Frequency & Vibe Management. Vibes spanning across Deep House+Nu-Disco, Electro, Minimal+Tech, Techno+Progressive+Trance. Gradually migrating to a more Psychedelic Rhythm where the Chill is harder than the Party. A Different Degree. A Mind Blowing Magical Electronic Dance Musical Experience.

Envisioning a sense of Freedom.. a sense of Liberation in every Soul present. Traverse through various Dimensions in a Conscious State of Mind using Music as the medium to touch where the Soul resides.. to feel Strictly Good Vibrations.

A DJ.. or a Trip Master, Illuminator, Dream Weaver, Soul Connector, Mediator.

A Soul.. or a Destination of Love & a Unique Frequency.

Welcome to DistrictLevi.


Thank you all for the constant Love & support.