Location: Gala Pita Lodge

Your Journey has just begun in this sanctuary for nature.

We Invite you to “Embrace the splendour of nature” at Galapita, this spectacular private piece of paradise is the ground for a jungle day spa, traditional restaurant and some amazing eco lodges winded by a stunning crocs free river

The fascinating Landscapes of Yala and surrounding national parks are blessed with many forested regions, large rocky areas, grasslands and the rivers of Kumbukan Oya and Manik Ganga

They are also home to a range of wildlife that include the leopard, elephant, bear, deer and crocodile

There are 215 species of exotic Birds that inhabits above National Parks, as many as six, are endemic to Sri Lanka

There are ruins inside the parks, dating back to 400BC, making it a region, of early civilization in the Island

Make sure to respect and bless the land as she will do the same with you